An Integrated Clinical Approach

Groin injury is one of the most common causes for poor sports performance and also a period away from the game. Groin pain or injury is found to be highly prevalent in several contact as well as non-contact sports. The incidence and risk of groin injury depends on the intensity and form of sports activity.

Pelvic girdle is the crossroad of the human body & load (body weight & ground reaction force) transfer system during sports activity. Poor force closure (muscle strength) or form closure (joint structure) are primarily responsible for failure of load transfer system during functional and sports activity. Subsequently any inefficiency of load transfer through the pelvic girdle often leads to over-compensation by other musculoskeletal tissues (pubic symphysis, hip adductor, iliopsoas and rectus abdominis strains). Pelvic girdle pain (SIJ and/or symphysis pubis and/or supporting musculature) is caused as a result of the consequent abnormal repetitive stress on the tissues. 

Evaluation of groin injuries needs a multi-modal approach to identify the source of pain. It is imperative to consider and rule out for red flags in all cases of pelvic girdle associated pain. An integrated rehabilitation of Lumbar-Pelvic- Hip region along with impairment based treatment  is essential for appropriate recovery. Manual therapy and followed by Lumbar-Pelvic-Hip mobility and stability training remain the core of rehabilitation and further return to play.


Arun Kumar Rawal, PT {MPT- MsK & Sports, Pelvic Girdle Pain Rehab}
YOS Sports Health Specialists, Bangalore


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