Injury prevention programs at YOS

‘Prevention is better than cure’. This golden adage has been proven time and again, more so in recent times. With life returning more or less back to normal everyone is craving to get back to their pre lockdown fitness levels. Since last few months have allowed us limited physical activity outdoors, a graduated return to activity/sports is necessary to ensure a smooth injury free return to a fit body and mind.

Keeping this in mind, we at YOS present to you a scientifically proven tool to prevent injuries and allowing a smooth, efficient transition to a healthier and stronger body. Prepared by an expert panel of sports doctors, physiotherapists and exercise scientists, this comprehensive testing matches the athletic training practices followed internationally.  Through musculoskeletal screening we identify any weakness, stiffness, imbalance present in your movements and advise you a closely monitored exercise plan to address them. This helps in drastically reducing your risk of injuries and empowers you with an individualised plan for you to achieve your fitness goals in the best possible way.

So if you are thinking of getting back in the game of life, stronger than before get an appointment with our expert team members on the number below.

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