What is Pelvic Girdle?


Pelvic Girdle is a crossroads of function and a highly integrated structure of the human body. Basic functional activity to performing sports, demands an efficient transfer of load/forces from lower body to upper body and vise versa through the pelvic girdle. Efficient load transfer is the result of adequate muscles functions and adequate pelvic movements.



How does the Pelvic Girdle Work?


Pelvic movements are critical for muscles to maintain mechanical advantage & best alignments from where they can be most efficient. Integrated functioning of innominate, sacral & lumbar spine movements in sagittal, frontal & transverse planes is the key for best performance of pelvic girdle.

Innominate anterior to posterior rotation, in to out flare rotation, superior-inferior translation, along with sacral nutation-counter nutation, right & left rotations facilitate the functioning and dissipate the load evenly throughout the pelvic girdle for transferring internal as well as external forces.


What causes Pelvic girdle pain or dysfunction?


Disturbed pelvic movements or integrated lumbo-pelvic-hip mobility will result in compensatory repetitive stress/strains to other joints/tissues in the lumbar spine or lower limb. That may result in poor force absorption resulting in onset of symptoms as the physical health demand increases during strenuous sports activities.



How to alleviate pelvic girdle pain and improve it’s movements and performance?


Movement restriction in the region could be due to protective spasm in the musculature which in turn reflects poor physical fitness training. Lack of appropriate warm up/cool down, poor hydration levels and poor sleep also act as contributing factors. Although Pelvic injuries/pains used to be commonly seen in contact sport like soccer and rugby but, is now becoming a regular occurrence in sports requiring high repetitive strain like bowling and distance running. High seasonal workloads and disappearing off seasons are not helping the cause.



Pelvic functional mobility training and lumbo plevic control exercises go a long way in preventing and treating symptoms occurring from the pelvic girdle.


Arun Kumar Rawal

MPT- Musculoskeletal & Sports, Pelvic Girdle Pain Rehab {USA}

YOS Sports Health Specialists, Bangalore



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